A bold trend in gold jewelry.

The past 2020 brought so many surprises that some of them still echo in many areas of our lives to this day.

One example of such influence is the jewelry industry, which, under the influence of external circumstances, has changed beyond recognition.

In addition, the jewelry products of many companies have become more in line with the requirements of customers who want to wear rings under protective gloves and buy earrings to match the color of the masks. The tastes of the customers themselves, after quarantine, have also become completely different.

So, for example, huge, massive gold chains quickly came into fashion. Made of pink, yellow and even white gold, they easily displaced the refined and modest thin chains that were popular last year from the pedestal of leadership.

The girls saw in them an opportunity to open up and go out into the world to show that in their life after a difficult 2020 there is still a lot of optimism and not everything is as bad as it might seem at first glance.

Massive gold chains have become a symbol of optimism, self-confidence and a clear totem that breaks the old stereotype that “less is more”.

In the past year, many have opted for discreet jewelry more often, favoring tried-and-true classics and jewelry that doesn’t get in the way when wearing protective masks or gloves.

Now, when many restrictions have been lifted for a while, girls all over the world have decided to treat themselves to something truly bright and attractive. So one of the hits of this season was massive earrings and large rose gold rings. And the real hit of 2021 was the mixing of items of different colors and metals in the jewelry wardrobe. The combination of silver with gold and gold with platinum has again become fashionable.

In general, the motto of this jewelry season can safely sound like «massive and defiant, it means fashionable and modern.»

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