A month later, a diamond fell out of a gold ring, but they told me that it was my own fault.

A few months ago, I gave my sister a gold ring with a scattering of small diamonds up to 0.03 carats in size. She is a very neat girl, so I thought that she would wear a ring made of gold 585 for a very long time and without any problems.

However, already after a few weeks of operation, the diamonds from her jewelry began to be actively lost. And this was already quite unpleasant not only for my sister, but also for me — the person who made such a, albeit not expensive, but sincere gift.

In an attempt to repair such damage, I took the ring and with the purchase receipt went to the store to return the product.

an example of a ring with a dropped stone. an example of a ring with a dropped stone.

Since the warranty period was about 6 months, I still replaced the product with a new one. But with a certain emphasis, they said that the pebbles fell out through the fault of the owner of the jewelry and the next time, in such a situation, the exchange would be more problematic.

I was surprised how exactly a neat girl, who is very scrupulous about her jewelry accessories, could provoke diamonds to fall out, and even in such a short time. She doesn’t do boxing, she doesn’t throw rings on ceramic tiles and she doesn’t do rock climbing, where she could damage the ring!?

In general, puzzled by this question, I turned to a qualified jeweler for help and the answer that I heard from him truly stunned me!

According to him, my sister could really be the culprit for the loss of diamonds, and not a factory marriage, as we initially thought. In support of this, he gave several examples and told what could cause the pebbles to fall out.

That is my sister’s ring. That is my sister’s ring.

The thing is that during wet cleaning, the sister often uses alkaline detergents. And you will probably say that there is nothing wrong with this, and most jewelry with precious inserts survive such procedures quite easily.

It really is. But only if we are not talking about jewelry with a small scattering of diamonds or other minerals.

Due to the small size of these stones, their setting is slightly different from larger diamonds. It is often based on the use of a special adhesive used as insurance for the main backtack. This «glue» is easily dissolved under the influence of aggressive acids or alkalis, from which the stones begin to loosen and are lost over time. Also, high temperatures and cleaning products with ultrasound or hot water can affect the adhesive.

The sister adopted this information and now, her ring has not lost a single stone after the replacement. She stopped putting rings with different stones in one box and no longer cleans jewelry, carefully removing them even before washing dishes.

Separately, I want to say thanks to the store for its adequate approach to replacing jewelry and henceforth I recommend buying jewelry only in salons where they are given a guarantee. I think this is an excellent insurance not only from factory crayfish, but also from careless use.

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