An employee of Sunlight suggested 4 steps on how to buy gold even cheaper.

Sunlight has long been known for its sales and discounts on precious metal jewelry. The prices in this jewelry hypermarket are truly impressive and, when compared with other jewelry stores, leave no chance for even larger competitors.

Some say that such a total decrease in the price of gold jewelry was due to rumors about its closure. Others, however, argue that Sunlight earns on large volumes, due to which it can afford to sell certain groups of goods almost at the purchase price.

Be that as it may, gold in this jewelry store can really cost significantly less than in other stores.

But as it turned out, even such a low price can become even less if you use a simple life hack from the seller.

The method of how to buy gold in Sunlight is even cheaper, I was suggested by one of the employees of this network, who works in a salon located in the Thaler shopping center (Rostov-on-Don).

It consists of four simple steps that should be followed one by one.

Step 1.

You need to download the official application of the store. Register a phone and get a nice bonus for it.

Why it is important to order through the application I will explain a little below.

Step 2

If we want to buy gold with the lowest price per gram, we should sort the jewelry by metal type, fineness and price in the application if the budget for buying an accessory is limited.

It is important in the search menu to put a mark “without inserts”, since it is inserts made of precious stones that can significantly increase the cost of a piece of jewelry.

Step 3

Based on the description of the jewelry and the data indicating the weight of the gold item, choose the gold accessory in which the price of gold per gram will be lower than others.

Such products with a cost of 2800 rubles per gram are, for example, jewelry with articles: a gold bracelet 83989, a ring with cubic zirconias 215306 and, as an option, an engagement ring with a diamond 65035.

gold bracelet from the list. gold bracelet from the list.

Among the Sunlight jewelry there are other models at low prices, but you can see them yourself, using the application or by going to the site.

Step 4

For the final step, we need a store app and a little ingenuity.

As you may have noticed, the jewelry items listed on the site cost a little more than the amount I indicated. To lower their price, we need the help of the application.

The point here is that you can get an additional discount of 5 to 10% on almost any accessory in the store. This allows you to reduce the price of, for example, gold at a price of 3000 rubles per gram, to 2700 rubles.

The discount is given if, when ordering, enter the appropriate promotional code in a special line of the application. It is cumulative with many current promotions, and the promotional codes themselves can be easily found on the Internet. So, for example, at the time of this writing, the promo code “ruby059” is valid for a 5% discount, and you can count on a 10% discount for gold if you enter the code “sunlight9550”.

Thanks to the application and a huge number of active promotional codes, you can buy gold in sunlight much cheaper than in other stores.

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