Born jewelry.

Often, our knowledge of rhodium-plated jewelry is limited to the fact that rhodium is safe and is a good protection of the base metal, such as gold or silver, from harmful acids.

Therefore, each time when choosing jewelry, we only care about the sample of the metal from which it is made, but not about the properties of the composition that covers the product and comes into contact with our skin.

As a result, we often buy a piece of jewelry, which we get rid of over time or simply put in a box.

Knowledge of the key qualities of rhodium and the properties of rhodium plating is essential. Especially if we want to buy a durable and safe accessory made of precious metal coated with this composition. And the first thing we should know about rhodium in this case is that it is never used as the main raw material for the production of jewelry.

We will never meet in jewelry stores, for example, a ring made of high-quality rhodium, earrings made of this noble metal, or, for example, a rhodium bracelet. Although rhodium is considered a precious metal, and its price is almost 10 times higher than the cost of 999 gold (the price of rhodium at the time of publication reaches 42 thousand rubles per gram), it is very fragile and any accessory made of it will not last even a couple of months before it breaks . or crack.

However, rhodium is very resistant to aggressive acids and excellently resists mechanical stress, due to which it is excellent as a protective layer for silver or white gold. In this form, it comes in both “white gold” colors and absolutely matte , black. It is also added to a ligature (a mixture of different metals in one alloy) to color gold in a characteristic platinum or white color.

black birth. ring. black birth. ring.

Silver jewelry is most often given birth, due to its high susceptibility to aggressive acids. When in contact with alkalis or hydrogen sulfide present in the air, it becomes covered with sulfide and quickly turns black. Rhodium, on the other hand, does not allow silver to darken and at the same time does not oxidize and does not rust. A thin layer of rhodium completely protects silver from external irritants and keeps the jewelry looking acceptable for as long as possible.

Rhodium does not cause allergies and does not turn black. For a person, wearing jewelry with it is absolutely safe and harmless. Metal is suitable even for allergy sufferers. Therefore, even silver rhodium products are worn for a very long time and do not deteriorate from contact with sweat.

example. silver chain with rhodium. has a more pronounced luster and lack of black spots. example. silver chain with rhodium. has a more pronounced luster and lack of black spots.

Gold is born in most cases only for aesthetic purposes. Black rodirovanie serves as the main element of decoration, and platinum color is used mainly for white gold. So gold retains its appearance for as long as possible, without the need for additional care.

The main disadvantages that a rhodium-plated coating carries are associated with the key qualities of the metal.

Ring in white gold with diamonds. Ring in white gold with diamonds.

Due to the high melting point and very high hardness, it is very difficult for jewelers to work with rhodium. Rodized products are very difficult to repair. After each soldering, the protective layer deteriorates and requires costly restoration procedures. Rhodium plating can also wear out over time. With constant physical impact, it can be scratched or destroyed. On average, rhodium-plated jewelry begins to deteriorate after three years of use. Chains, bracelets and rings scuff faster. Earrings and brooches last much longer. You can restore the coating in specialized workshops.
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