Do you take gold to Crimea?

Everyone who has vacationed in the Crimea knows how much this region differs from other tourist districts in Russia. There is a different mentality here, a completely different standard of living and in many ways a different attitude towards tourists than, for example, in other southern resorts.

It is also worth visiting the Crimea with special preparation, especially if you plan to take expensive jewelry on vacation and want to bring it back.

And the first thing to do before leaving, especially for a holiday in the private sector, is to take a picture on your smartphone of all the jewelry that you take with you.

There are cases when scammers rented private houses or apartments in tourist regions and re-let them to naive tourists in order to rob them. When visitors to the region went to the beach, scammers entered the rented apartment and simply took out all the valuables left by tourists.

At the same time, the most expensive things, as a rule, turned out to be gold jewelry, which is not customary to take to the beach.

If they are lost or stolen, then pre-taken photos will help you easily find them and prove that they are yours. Good photos will allow you to send out orders to pawnshops, as well as confirm the amount of gold that you had during your visit to the resort.
Renaming photos in a smartphone is not recommended. Since the original title often indicates the date and time of the photo.

The next step to take before leaving is to carefully check all locks and clasps on gold chains, earrings or bracelets.

Locks must be secure and tight. Otherwise, the rather stormy sea of ​​Crimea can simply rip them off while swimming.

Do not forget about everyday gold rings. They are most often lost in water. Therefore, if you feel that the ring is a little big for you, it is better to leave it at home.

The fourth step in safely visiting a resort with jewelry is a careful selection of items that you should never take with you to the sea.

These include any jewelry with pearls. Although this gemstone originates in the sea, it still does not tolerate salt water quite well. From a long stay in such water, dark spots may appear on the pearls, and the mother-of-pearl layer may deteriorate. Dislikes pearls and rubbing against sand or other hard objects.

It is better not to take pearl rings, beads, pendants and earrings on a sea vacation.

These recommendations can be applied to the preparation of jewelry during the holidays and in many other regions of the country. However, since the Crimea this season is predicted to be the most popular place for sea tourism, we decided to pay attention to this particular resort. Be careful with your gold and don’t take jewelry that you can easily do without!

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