Gold jewelry that cannot be banned from school.

The new school year has already begun, and with it the first problems started , connected with the observance of school rules and the whims of individual teachers. So, for example, in some institutions it was forbidden to wear certain types of jewelry, bright makeup and put forward a number of recommendations for wearing uniforms for students.

Moreover, teachers in the outback even objected to such elementary jewelry as gold bracelets, which caused a number of dissatisfaction on the part of parents.

In connection with this situation, we decided to understand the current situation and offer our small list of jewelry for children that are allowed to be worn in schools. After all, our children deserve to look beautiful no matter where they are .

gold earrings for girls. gold earrings for girls.

First of all, when it comes to girls, they can and even to a certain extent should wear earrings. Because with their long absence, the punctures in the ears can be delayed. However, it is worth remembering that these jewelry should not be defiant. Ideally, if these are nail earrings or other classics. It is forbidden to wear broach earrings or with long chains, primarily because of the possibility of hooking, for example, during exercises, in physical education.

Good earrings should be discreet, stylish and emphasize the graceful image of a young schoolgirl. Their task is to complement the beauty of the girl, and not overshadow her.

Here are some examples of classic gold earrings that are sure to please not only students, but also their teachers .

Gold earrings with cubic zirkonia. (4 PHOTO) gold earrings. photo source Gold earrings with cubic zirkonia. (4 PHOTOS)

For boys, gold cufflinks, tie holders or wristwatches, which today are almost the main attribute of any punctual person, cannot become a ban.

By the way, in order to give integrity to the image, the metal of the cufflinks on the shirt must be in proper harmony with the metal of the watch . At the same time, it is not at all necessary to buy a special shirt to install the jewelry itself. Now there are a lot of models of men’s products made of precious metals for ordinary button-down shirts.

It is important to note that in addition to style, men’s cufflinks for schoolchildren should also have secure clasps so as not to lose them during active exercises.

Children’s jewelry that will perfectly suit both schoolchildren and schoolgirls , and also will not cause indignation among teachers, is also available.

These include jewelry of a religious nature, such as gold crosses or pendants depicting the face of saints. Jewelry like this shouldn’t be banned!

At the same time, they can be beautifully and stylishly beaten by hanging, for example, on an elongated suspension.

Golden children’s products in a classic and seasoned design are now a trend among modern youth, so you should not deny your child the desire to be beautiful. It is only important to observe a number of modest rules and not allow too defiant or frilly outfits. SUBSCRIBE

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