How to buy good earrings — rings in Russia and not regret it.

The Russian jewelry market is strikingly different from the European, American or, for example, Chinese. Completely different rules work here, different laws apply, and completely different styles and directions prevail in fashion. The approach to the production, quality and reliability of jewelry here is also different.

Others here are the buyers themselves, who, succumbing to advertising, the advice of comrades, or simply public opinion, very often purchase accessories in which they are simply disappointed. In other words, they take what they either do not need, or absolutely does not suit their taste or style.

So, for example, it happens quite often if we buy women’s earrings — rings.

It would seem, what could be easier than choosing earrings that are ideal for your taste and your style? But for some reason, we still often take something that we don’t wear later, or from which our ears begin to ache in the future.

To prevent this from happening, there are a couple of simple recommendations that you should follow if you want to buy good hoop earrings in Russia and plan to wear them not just for one day, but for a very long time.

Earrings — rings are timeless classics, thanks to which you can always look stylish, elegant and truly chic. But only if you choose them correctly. And for this, you initially need to decide on the question of what and when you plan to wear them.


Yellow gold earrings are perfect for people with warm skin tones. They will go well with pendants made of yellow metals and will emphasize your beauty if you choose their size correctly.

White gold in hoop earrings is a chic, sophisticated and memorable color, perfect for jewelry sets made of platinum, white gold, silver and rhodium-plated products. They go well with cool skin tones.

Rose gold is the choice for romantic people who follow fashion and current trends. This metal goes well with a neutral skin tone.

The size of the jewelry is also important. The smallest one is great for everyday wear. Medium — is considered universal and suitable for all types of faces, as well as any type of hairstyle. Large hoop earrings are the choice of brave people who do not follow fashion, but create it themselves.

Gemstones in such jewelry can be of completely different sizes, types and colors. The main thing is that they are in harmony with other accessories and do not draw attention to themselves, but simply complement the created image.

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