How to understand what kind of ring she needs if she herself does not know what she wants.

Choosing gifts for a woman is a very difficult task, especially when it comes to jewelry such as an engagement or casual ring.

Finding something that she will definitely like in terms of complexity is comparable, probably, with the creation of a hadron collider using clay and sticks. No matter what you do, no matter what ring you choose, you still won’t succeed in the end. At best, she will say that the jewelry is «normal» and put it in the box for a long time.

However, fortunately, both the hadron collider and the selection of a golden ring have their own instructions, following which you can easily choose a ring that will definitely hit her!

When choosing a ring for a beloved woman, it is important to know what shape of the gem she likes, what color of gold she prefers, and also to determine the style of the product that will fully match her image and character.

To do this, follow these simple steps.

Step 1.
Assess the wardrobe and decide on the style.

Gold rings for style. Gold rings for style.

If she’s into loose-fitting, jeans and plain shirts, your ring is an accessory with a minimalist design and discreet inserts that won’t snag on clothes.

A girl who is on the same wavelength with modern fashion and keeps track of all her latest trends, you can consider a ring in the style of her favorite celebrities. And for a lady working in a position that requires active movement and a lot of traveling, rings with a low setting of a precious stone, as well as rings with classic round diamonds, are perfect.

Step 2.
Find a clue.

An example of how one ring can complement another. An example of how one ring can complement another.

Choosing a gold ring is very easy if you imagine, for example, that you are buying not a ring, but a gold bracelet. You need to ask yourself: What style of bracelet will suit a girl? Will it be a silver bracelet? Perhaps a chunky rose gold bracelet would suit her better? Or, in her taste, refined bracelets made of high-grade platinum with inserts of precious stones?

You can understand this if you find the necessary clues. They are the jewelry that the girl is already wearing. If she loves pink gold, then the ring should be made of metal of this color. If she wears silver, then an accessory made of platinum or white gold is perfect for her as an engagement or wedding ring. The main thing is that the new ring does not stand out from the general style of the girl, but neatly complements it.

Step 3.
Apply common sense.

If, after completing the first steps, the choice of the ring is not yet obvious, you can use a simple life hack. You need to discard stereotypes and, armed with common sense, just go with a girl to a jewelry store. Yes, you will not be surprised, but the acquired ring will definitely be to her taste, since she will choose it herself.

As a conclusion, I would like to recall such important things as early budgeting for the purchase of a gold ring, determining the size of jewelry and choosing a precious stone, among which a diamond has always been considered the ideal solution. SUBSCRIBE
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