How to wear a diamond without looking out of place.

Few people know, but earlier, in order for a diamond jewelry to look out of place, it was enough to put on this stone in the first half of the day for a young, unmarried lady. The diamond was considered exclusively an evening decoration and was the prerogative of women, mostly of mature age. Therefore, its use in the evening was considered normal only for married women.

Today, the rules for wearing such jewelry have changed dramatically and a precious mineral can become an inappropriate decoration in any setting if it is not worn correctly.

Modern cutting technologies and higher qualifications of craftsmen today make it possible to create truly amazing diamond jewelry that is difficult to spoil, even if worn contrary to the canons of common sense or the laws of ideal style. But some of the «fashionistas» still succeed and their expensive pebbles, despite all their beauty, look at least out of place.

It is important to know! The main task of jewelry is to emphasize the beauty of their mistress. Do not overshadow her and even more so do not divert attention from her! This should always be remembered, especially if you are choosing jewelry to create a particular look or style.

If you break these rules, then any, even the most expensive accessory with a natural precious mineral can not only ruin your image, but simply be out of place.

Not the best combination of several rings. Not the best combination of several rings.

If, for example, you use a diamond ring, here are a few things you should never do:

— Do not wear several rings on one finger at once. If there are too many rings, then the diamond accessory will get lost among their diversity and lose its uniqueness.

An example of a competent combination of several rings. An example of a competent combination of several rings.

— if you still decide to wear several rings at once, then make sure that their metal has the same color as that of the diamond ring. Precious inserts, such as cubic zirkonia or a variety of corundum, should be in harmony with the color of the diamond, and the size and width of the rings should not exceed the width of the jewelry canvas with a noble stone.

Diamond earrings look out of place if the precious metal is a different color from the metal of the jewelry you wear around your neck. For example, white gold earrings do not go well with a pink or red metal chain, but they are perfect for a necklace made of white platinum, silver, and even jewelry steel.

The color of a diamond in a pendant or brooch must match the color of the stones of other jewelry or at least match the color temperatures.

Naturally, there are exceptions in which «white» diamonds look appropriate with gems of other colors. But in these cases, the selection of accessories should be emphasized by the color and style of clothing or makeup.

In general, spoiling an image with a beautiful jewelry with a precious mineral is as difficult as spoiling porridge with oil. The important thing is just to know the measure to correctly place accents.

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