Important details to know about fake emerald.

There are many recommendations on how to distinguish a fake emerald. However, to be honest, all of them are absolutely useless if we have not a cheap Chinese glass in front of us, but a high-quality copy of the mineral made by a good specialist.

Moreover, even professional gemologists are sometimes unable to distinguish an imitation of an emerald, since the techniques used to create a twin stone have become so perfect that they completely imitate all the key indicators of a real precious mineral.

You can only protect yourself from buying an artificial emerald if you know the key ways to create copies and their subtle differences from real stones.

earrings with emeralds. earrings with emeralds.

Emeralds are forged in several ways, the most insidious of which is the creation of a doublet or even a triplet.

As we know, any gemstone can be distinguished by the hardness of its open sides, the color of the mineral, and some other indicators that can be detected by external examination.

This is also known to scammers who create so-called doublets or tripletsimitating a real emerald.

It is based on a mineral that imitates color and other characteristics inherent in natural emerald. Then, using a special paste, a real stone is glued to the surface and encrusted in jewelry.

Since only parts of a real emerald will be visible after installation in a piece of jewelry, it will be impossible even for an experienced jeweler or gemologist to distinguish such an imitation without special equipment.

It will be possible to identify a doublet / triplet using a refractometer capable of accurately calculating the refractive indices of light.

It is considered more common to replace real emeralds with their artificial counterparts grown in laboratories. Unscrupulous sellers, knowing the true value of this precious stone, even resort to replacing emeralds in new jewelry with tags or rare Soviet accessories.

Knowing that the buyer will not doubt the quality of a time-tested jewelry or the authenticity of a new product with a tag from a famous brand, scammers simply replace real stones with synthetic counterparts.

You can distinguish an artificially grown (synthesized) emerald by a yellowish tint that appears in the light, the absence of internal inclusions and less clear edges.

The best way to buy real emerald jewelry is to go to a trusted jewelry store with a good reputation. And in order to make sure that the choice is correct, you should never forget to check the tags, since honest sellers will always indicate on them how the type of stone, artificial or natural, is inlaid in the product.

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