Is a real pearl if it has deteriorated.

I am sure you have seen expensive jewelry with real pearls, which after the first months of wearing began to look like a cheap Chinese fake for 50 kopecks. The gems in them are no longer so bright, and the pearl coating has acquired a fair amount of scratches and has become very dull.

The first thing that comes to mind when you come across such products is that this is not an expensive sea pearl, but a cheap fake, or at least a low-quality pebble grown on an oyster farm. After all, as we know, real pearls never grow dull and deteriorate!

However, if you understand the causes of tarnished pearls, you can understand that the problem lies far from the quality of the precious stone. On the contrary, real pearls will lose their appearance faster even than their plastic counterparts, if treated incorrectly!

Gold set with Mabe Pearl. Gold set with Mabe Pearl.

Mother-of-pearl, which pearls are covered with, is very sensitive to aggressive acids and solvents. It is so fragile that a real pearl can easily be completely dissolved in a glass of ordinary vinegar.

Pearls in a cut. Pearls in a cut.

At the same time, gemstone crafts are more resistant to acids, because they are mainly made of dyed plastic or special clay!

You can spoil your pearls by cleaning the jewelry in a solution of ammonia or, for example, if your perfume aerosol often gets on the jewelry.

That is why experienced owners of pearl jewelry put on accessories only after perfume has been applied.

Store such products in separate boxes or special bags, limiting the possibility of scratching the gemstone.

They do not like these accessories and excessive exposure to chlorinated water. They cannot be cleaned with a toothbrush, paste, powder, ammonia and other aggressive agents. Rings with pearls, especially real ones, must be removed while washing hands and dishes.

Special cosmetic creams for cleaning jewelry are considered ideal for caring for a precious stone, and a dry cotton cloth is used for wiping.

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