Jewelry tricks that only sellers in gold jewelry stores know about.

There are things that are not supposed to be known to an ordinary buyer, and which are known only to a narrow circle of people. In most cases, these «secrets» are disclosed only to jewelry sellers at the time of their hiring or are only revealed at all in the course of work.

They do not have special secrecy, jewelry tricks, but information about them is not published in brochures and is almost never revealed to the buyer, unless he asks for it.

At the same time, knowing these “tricks” associated with gold jewelry is very useful not only for a person who wants to buy gold, but also for those who have already managed to buy such a product. Indeed, thanks to this information, you can discover a lot of new things about your seemingly quite understandable accessory.

It’s worth starting with the simplest, namely with the tag for the decoration and the information indicated on it.

Unfortunately, in most cases, only the seller knows why there can be two tags on a product and which one should be trusted.

In fact, everything is simple. One tag is a store label and the buyer does not need it in principle. But the second is the factory passport of the jewelry and by the article on it you can not only find this jewelry on the manufacturer’s website (where it can cost less), but also request more complete information about the product.

Data on the tag to gold Data on the tag to gold

In addition, sellers know that by the numbers of the factory barcode, you can check the real jewelry in front of you or its golden copy. To do this, just enter the code numbers on a special page of the manufacturer’s website, and if they do not match the base of the factory, then you will see a message about a fake.

Information that is not available to the average user also lies on the gold jewelry itself.

I am sure you have noticed that, for example, on a gold ring next to the hallmark there is always an imprint in the form of a set of letters and numbers. Many people think that this is the name of the plant, but this is not entirely true.

Any seller will tell you that this is a special cipher, thanks to which you can find out the real jewelry manufacturer, the place where the sample was placed, and even the date the product went on sale.

Imennik and test Imennik and test

So, the first letter in the «stamp» means the year of manufacture of the product (A-2001, B-2002, etc. alphabetically.). The second, assay supervision, which established the sample (for example, B — Bronnitsy). But the third and fourth are already the name of the manufacturer (For example, MV, the name of the Moscow Jewelry Factory).

The sellers will not tell you that jewelry with old tags can cost less, only for the reason that they have not yet had time to overestimate. Heart-shaped diamonds always get cheaper in winter, and rings made of titanium or platinum are not suitable as engagement rings, because they are difficult to repair or increase in size.

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