Nobility and individuality in every piece of jewelry.

Even if you are well versed in jewelry and always prefer to buy only unique accessories, you definitely noticed that it is extremely difficult to find a truly rare and individual piece in modern conditions.

Most of the accessories presented on the Russian jewelry market are either products of the mass segment, or simply do not have a soul. These are simple “trinkets” that repeat the design of their foreign or local counterparts, and finding something truly rare among them, and even from a famous designer, is very difficult.

However, fortunately, with the advent of the unique LIBERI product line , it has become available to everyone to show their individuality and show the whole world that you really have a unique taste that is not like others.

LIBERI iscollectionsilver accessories, from the famous Russian jeweler and jewelry designer Nona Dronova. This is a collection designed to bring real individuality, a touch of exclusivity to your image and simply emphasize your beauty with the help of sophisticated lines or graceful shapes.

The collection is exclusive and is presented only in the stores of the Sunlight retail chain. Its circulation is unknown, but the speed with which LIBERI rings and pendants are sold out only emphasizes their popularity and brings them into the trends of modern fashion.

All products are created with the active participation of the jeweler Nona Dronova. Each of their curves or shapes carries not only an aesthetic, but also to some extent a spiritual message, and the absence of analogues on the Russian market allows us to say that the owners of these charming accessories are true connoisseurs of an individual approach to jewelry.

The product line is conventionally divided into men’s and women’s collections. There are accessories of the «Way of the Warrior» series, the key feature of which are Slavic motifs and ancient patterns on silver men’s rings.

Truly excellent and charming women’s rings with precious stones, executed in unconventional images and forms for modern jewelry art. As well as pendants, looking at which you understand that a genius has worked on their design, truly understanding what is commonly called the art of jewelry.

At the same time , one of the main features of the LIBERI collection from Dronova can be safely called not only the unique design of jewelry, but also their very affordable price for such rare and exclusive models.

Jewelry prices are quite acceptable, which once again emphasizes their focus on a simple client who wants to create an individual image and not be like the others. In their every bend one can feel the soul, and the high quality of workmanship confirms that the author knows how to combine «beautiful with quality».

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