SUNLIGHT owner Sergey Gribnyakov on bad spending, girls and the culture of handling money in Russia

An interview with a successful businessman is always an opportunity to learn something new and really useful. Especially if we are talking about an interview with such a person as Sergey Anatolyevich Gribnyakov. A man who, with the help of hard work and continuous work on himself, created one of the largest jewelry chains in the history of Russia. The person who stood at the origins of the SUNLIGHT jewelry company and is well versed not only in jewelry or business, but also, as will be clear from the interview, in the nature of human relationships.

Meet Sergei Anatolyevich Gribnyakov — a man who has proven that only hard work and continuous self-development can lead to success.

On spending and the culture of handling money

Sergei Anatolievich. It is known that in creating SUNLIGHT, which today includes almost half a thousand retail jewelry stores, you were forced to sacrifice many things, including the huge time spent on education necessary for working with precious stones and jewelry. To become successful, you have invested in the jewelry network a lot of work and years of hard work on the company.
And it brought results. Today SUNLIGHT is considered one of the largest jewelry chains in all of Russia, and its owner is one of the most successful entrepreneurs.

Map of Sunlight stores. The scale is impressive. Map of Sunlight stores. The scale is impressive.

Such success cannot go unnoticed, including from the female side. Therefore, I would like to know how a person who has reached such a level relates to the fact that many modern girls enjoy the success of their rich husbands. For example, they can fly to Milan to buy an expensive Tiffany ring, regardless of the cost.

— What do you think, how do their men feel about this and why for Russia, such behavior of girls is becoming the norm?

“Unfortunately, the culture of handling money for many people in Russia is at an extremely low level. Most ladies simply do not understand how hard they get and earn money. They are simply not trained to save money and a sound approach to managing family capital. Therefore, money is often spent thoughtlessly and irresponsibly.

— Is such behavior acceptable from the point of view of a successful man?

— Having a girl who will spend money so easily will not be pleasant to anyone. Nobody at all! Regardless of income level and status. This is definitely frustrating and frustrating.

A woman should be able to effectively and more usefully spend the money of a man, because they get to him with great work and sweat. And this work should not be so mediocrely spent!

A good girl should be able to spend money so that there is some benefit from it. So that she sets an example of how to deal with money, and not how they should not be treated.

Now, it seems to me, it is extremely in demand and now there are really few such girls.

About women and economy

— You have been managing one of the largest jewelry chains in Russia, SUNLIGHT, for more than 15 years.
You are the author of several presentations on gemstones for international conferences.
They studied the technology of artistic processing of materials at the Moscow State Mining University, and also studied international methods for evaluating diamonds at the International Academy of Appraisal and Consulting.
Surely you know absolutely everything about jewelry and precious stones.

— With such knowledge, how difficult is it for girls to attract your attention with the help of, for example, expensive jewelry?

— If a person has a taste, it always deserves special respect and attention. And for this it is not at all necessary to dress up in expensive Tiffany or Cartier.
If the jewelry is chosen correctly and its price is not too high solely because of the brand name on the tag, then for me this only doubles the attractiveness of a person at least twice.

— I understand correctly — a girl in expensive Cartier rings, is this not your choice?

-I think wearing a 5-carat diamond ring for the same money would be much more solid and at least more reasonable.

Cartier, it’s always an overpayment. So why not just take a normal gem for a normal cost!?

Is reasonable savings more acceptable to you?

— If a person can compare, buy something useful, effective, and then sell it even more expensive — that’s great! And just to scatter around, be led by rattles, mirrors and brands is not the smartest move!

What you should know about the real owner of SUNLIGHT and his education.

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