Three ways to make money on gold and jewelry without buying them.

It is possible to make money on gold and jewelry, even if you do not want to buy anything or repair jewelry. All you need for this is a confident movement towards the goal and the desire to get off the couch. Moreover, this does not require investments or equipment purchases. All you need is your confidence and perseverance in moving towards the goal.

One example of how you can make money on jewelry without doing it yourself is the success of the famous Russian actor Konstantin Kryukov.

Few people know, but this talented young man is not only a successful performer of the main roles, but also a designer of jewelry sold in the world under the Saplings brand. All he does is create virtual 3D models of accessories and receive a fee for selling them under a famous brand.

K. Kryukov. Jewelry designer and actor. K. Kryukov. Jewelry designer and actor.

Naturally, it will not be easy for a simple layman to repeat such an achievement and enter the world jewelry market of gold accessories in a short time. But if you master jewelry design courses, then it will be possible to raise quite good money on this craft.

How to make money on this? Everything is very simple. You need to complete design courses, create and register several virtual models of products of your personal design. Then offer their production to local factories and large retail chains, such as Sunlight or others. If everything goes smoothly, the company that will take on the production of your gold accessory will pay you royalties on each sale, thereby providing you with a stable, passive income for many years.

The more items there are, the higher your fee will be, and the availability of exclusive and truly successful models of gold accessories will allow you to become not just a jewelry designer, but create a personal brand, possibly with sales all over the world.

earnings on gold jewelry. earnings on gold jewelry.

There is also an easier way to make money on gold jewelry that does not require finding a manufacturer or a jewelry seller. This method is called “jewelry appraisal”.

Its implementation requires much more time, but with the proper approach, the result can pay for itself in a matter of months.

For those who want to earn money here and now, there is also one effective option.

gilded details. gilded details.

I’m sure many have heard of such a hobby as collecting radio components containing gold and other precious metals. So, to make money in this way, it is enough just to know which of the products are accepted at licensed points of purchase and simply collect these parts for their sale.

Gold in electronics is actively used as a conductor and metal protected from corrosion or other influences that could affect the performance of the product. It is found in capacitors of the KT series, generator lamps GU-43A, GU-72, GU-73 and the GMI series, connectors in complex computer technology and much more. And if we take into account that about 300 tons of gold are thrown away in technology and electronics, and a kilogram of parts containing precious metal is bought at a price of up to 100,000 rubles, then such an income can be quite profitable for anyone.

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