What abroad is not like ours in gold jewelry.

Americans are a very strange people. For example, it is quite normal for them to write in the instructions for the microwave that a cat cannot be heated in it. The British aren’t any better either, they drive on the wrong side of the road in general (Britain drives on the left, while most of the world drives on the right).

No less strange and Europeans. In Germany, for example, living in a university dormitory costs more than the education itself, and unemployment benefits can easily exceed the salary of a part-time worker.

Such earrings are also found in America. Such earrings are also found in America.

In addition, in some European countries, working less is more profitable than working overtime and those who work more and get paid above a certain level pay more tax and get less money in their hands.

No less strange is the situation with these states and the approach to the creation, as well as the licensing of jewelry made of gold or other precious metals.

So, for example, in the USA, gold with a purity of less than 10 carats (in America, the fineness of gold is calculated in carats, and the highest purity metal has a fineness of 24 carats) is considered a fake and, in fact, jewelry with such a fineness is not gold, but is defined as bijouterie.

  • In terms of our system, 10 carat gold will be equal to about 400 samples of the metal.

In America, gold jewelry is considered to be a piece of jewelry in which gold contains at least 41% of the total mass of the metal (400m proa and above).

Of the strange European «chips» can be called a completely incomprehensible establishment of samples. There you can find, for example, just the numbers 200 or 500 and this will mean that the gold in the alloy is 20.0 or 50.0 percent.

Also, it is not uncommon to find the initials GP, GF and GEP on European jewelry . This will not tell our tourist about anything. But the locals know that this is how they mark products with gilding.

  • «GEP», for example, means that gold has been electroplated onto copper or silver.

The Chinese stood out from this carnival of «strange decisions» .

First of all. They hold in high esteem only yellow gold of the highest 999th test.

Pink gold in China is made mainly for tourists, and its color turns out to be so poisonous that a Russian person is more likely to take such a product for a fake. It has a frank copper color with a slight pink tint.

In general, it would be interesting to know what kind of oddities you encountered abroad during your travels or work visits. Leave comments, it will be very interesting to read.

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