What do pendants in the form of a match and other strange things mean.

When buying jewelry made of precious metals, many people rarely think about what they can symbolize. Most are only interested in how this pendant or amulet looks with other accessories, and, for example, whether this silver owl brooch matches the new white gold necklace.

Not everyone thinks about what jewelry in the form of a key, for example, with three protrusions, or who buys pendants in the form of an untouched match, and who chooses only platinum items imitating burnt or charred matches, means.

Moreover, most of the owners of such accessories are not even aware of their real meaning or what information these symbols carry. After all, you must admit, few of the owners of silver pendants in the form of an owl wondered why some of the products have their wings open, while others are folded, why the match-shaped pendants of some are as if burnt, while others are intact, and what is really symbolizes a golden key on a thin chain.

When you buy pendants in the form of any symbols, animals or objects. It is extremely important to know what exactly they mean and what idea they carry. .

In addition, when choosing such accessories, it is necessary to take into account not only the meaning of the symbol depicted with the help of jewelry, but also the metal from which it is made.

An example of a silver pendant in the form of an unlit match.

For example, popular match-shaped pendants made of platinum, silver or white gold have different meanings depending on the type of precious metal and the manner in which the item is made.

The decoration in the form of a whole, not lit match symbolizes the hostess’s readiness for new discoveries, achievements and changes. It seems to say that the owner is ready for any twist of fate and at any moment, the fire in her heart can warm and illuminate everyone who is dear to her.

You just need to light a match and the person will give you such vivid emotions and sincere feelings that you will never forget. A match on a chain is a symbol of passion, reliability and the desire for new feelings or discoveries.

At the same time , a burnt match is an ornament that has a radically different meaning and symbolizes certain life circumstances. This is a sign of experienced losses and a reminder that you need to live here and now, live in the present!

Pendants in the form of a classic key made of gold or silver are also not without hidden messages.

example. gold pendant — key. example. gold pendant — key.

Such an accessory is a symbol of ineradicable romanticism and love. The girl who gave her preference to this piece of jewelry, as it were, hints to us that there is a riddle in her, which can only be solved by picking the right key to her heart.

A blackened silver key symbolizes an old injury or loss, which the owner will only talk about with someone he can trust and who will be sincere with him.

A golden key of pink or yellow color is a symbol of love or love, hidden behind a door with a lock.

A key made of white gold with precious inserts means that its mistress knows the secret of how to keep the hearth and bring the family to wealth.

Different variations of pendants in the form of a key can have different meanings, however, one way or another, thanks to a recognizable shape, everyone will be able to unravel them, which, unfortunately, cannot be said about jewelry in the form of an owl.

pendant — an owl with raised wings. pendant — an owl with raised wings.

Despite the fact that everyone knows that the owl is a symbol of wisdom, honor and nobility, not everyone knows the meaning of the poses in which it can be displayed.

For example, a pendant made of silver or white gold in the form of an owl whose wings are folded and envelop the body, as it were, means caring for loved ones and a predisposition to self-sacrifice for the sake of loved ones.

A pendant with an owl, whose wings are lowered along the calf, among other things, symbolizes a strict character and discipline, and if the wings are raised up, this can mean the spirit of victory and superiority.

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