What do the choice of socks and a gold engagement ring have in common.

One day a friend asked me to help with choosing a gold engagement ring for his future wife.

For a long time I tried to explain to him what and how to do in this situation and what to look for in order to find the perfect piece of jewelry. However, after very long and detailed explanations, I realized that I could not convey to him the most important thing.

Then I decided to speak to a friend in his language, and since he was a creepy fashionista, I tried to compare the choice of a gold ring with the choice of the most ordinary socks.

Imagine that you are choosing socks for a gift to a loved one. What will you look at first?

“Look here,” I say. When you pick up socks for a business suit, what do you pay attention to first of all?

— The main thing is to choose the right size. If they are small, they will quickly rub off, and if they are large, they will slide and scurry. I also look at the height of the toe.

— «And what are they of different lengths?» — Check with a friend.

— Yes, there are up to the heel — so to speak, sports, there are up to the ankle and up to the calf muscle, and there are generally almost up to the knee. For a suit, it is better to take high ones, in case you sit down and the trousers rise.

— Do you look at the color or style somehow?

— Necessarily! If socks are for a business suit, then they should be in the color of trousers and preferably without bright patterns! Available in black or navy blue.

That’s right — I answer a friend. In choosing a gold engagement ring, everything happens exactly the same.

The color and size of the decoration. The color and size of the decoration.

First you need to determine the size. If the gold ring is small or large, then it will not be possible to wear it and you will either have to return it to the jewelry store or take it to the master to change the size.

Next, you need to decide on the color of the precious metal and inserts.

An example of how a well-chosen engagement ring can be combined with other jewelry. An example of how a well-chosen engagement ring can be combined with other jewelry.

It is very important that the ring does not stand out from the general style of jewelry that is already worn by the chosen one of the heart. This way she can pair it nicely with any of her other rings and won’t take it off if the ring doesn’t fit her style.

A universal option in case you don’t know what jewelry prevails in a girl’s wardrobe can be an accessory made of pink or white gold with a classic round cut diamond insert.

It is very important to pay attention to what lifestyle the lady of your heart leads. If she plays sports and likes to actively spend the weekend, the ring should not interfere with her in this.

To do this, it is better to choose an accessory that will not have large protrusions or elements that can, for example, while jogging, catch on clothes or a jacket pocket.

Perhaps not the best, but still an example of a ring for active people. Perhaps not the best, but still an example of a ring for active people.

The ring must be solid! Since products with a hollow structure are more easily deformed with strong pressure, they are not suitable for a person involved in sports or hard work.

A solid gold ring will last longer and keep the memory of the day it was presented for as long as possible.

Most importantly, before buying a ring, carefully examine its tag. It is desirable that the product be made of high-grade gold or other precious metals, and the pebble in it be natural. It is not customary to give rings with artificial inserts for an engagement!

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