What jewelry can not be worn in a pandemic.

Despite the fact that jewelry and the pandemic seem to us completely unrelated things, their relationship in reality is very significant and even dangerous to some extent.

Restrictions and the possibility of infection impose certain rules on us, not only in behavior, but also in what jewelry should be chosen for everyday use.

So, for example, after the introduction of the mandatory wearing of protective gloves in public places, many began to think about which rings they should not wear in order not to tear the glove or reduce risks.

Rings with large inserts, precious stones and minerals with maroon settings quickly faded into the background. They often clung to gloves and, with their constant replacement, quickly tore the protective accessory.

Such jewelry was replaced by gold rings with precious inserts with a channel or rail setting.

Gold ring with comfortable pavé diamond setting. Easy to wear with gloves Golden ring set with comfortable pavé diamonds. Convenient to wear with gloves

Such jewelry has a very modern design and at the same time is devoid of protruding parts that could tear the glove.

Rings have also come into fashion, where precious stones are encrusted with the help of such a type of fasteners as «Pave».

Faceted minerals in such products are held very securely and allow you to wear the ring both under a “winter” glove and under a protective accessory without clinging to its fabrics.

Rings with protruding parts or large maroon fasteners are not recommended to be worn under gloves, as they can spoil its integrity.

rail or channel type of stone setting without protruding elements. rail or channel type of stone setting without protruding elements.

Things are more interesting with such jewelry as women’s earrings.

If earlier large earrings with massive elements, gold earrings of the Congo, Chandeliers, or, for example, earrings — Girandole, were in fashion, now it is simply not recommended to wear them.

The reason lies in the mandatory wearing of masks.

Large earrings or jewelry with massive protruding parts often cling and get tangled in the ear of a protective accessory. In addition, constantly taking off and putting on a mask when you have large earrings is not very convenient.

But a more important reason for refusing such jewelry is that when changing the mask, we always touch the earrings with our hands, which leaves germs and viruses on them.

Replacements for such jewelry are also easy to find. Today, massive and not very comfortable large earrings have been replaced by safer and more comfortable earrings — Carnations, Studs or Kafas. They are easy to remove, they do not cling to the elements of the mask and are comfortable to wear.

In general, with the right selection of jewelry, as well as with their constant processing, you can create a wonderful set of products that will be both safe and comfortable and no less beautiful.

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