What jewelry cannot be stored together, even if they are from the same metal.

Everyone who has been to a jewelry store has noticed that gold and silver are always placed in separate showcases, and jewelry with some stones always lies separately from tablets with others.

Wristwatches, even if they are gilded or silvered, are always placed separately from other jewelry, and costume jewelry never ends up in the same windows with gold or silver.

An example of a jewelry store showcase with separate storage of silver. An example of a jewelry store showcase with separate storage of silver.

It may seem that such placement in hotel boxes is made for a more convenient choice of jewelry by the buyer. But this is not entirely true, since in such a situation it would be more convenient for us to have all the chains, both gold and silver, in one place. And they lie separately and often even in different «corners» of the store.

Jewelry from different metals and with different stones is always kept separately, because when they are nearby for a long time, metals can deteriorate. And you have probably already seen examples with blackened gold on the windows of our jewelry stores, caused precisely by non-compliance with such rules for storing precious metals.

So that jewelry does not turn black and stones do not deteriorate, when storing them at home, you should follow a few simple rules and always keep “dangerous” groups of items, separately from gold and silver accessories.

The first thing every owner of precious metal jewelry should know is that watches, jewelry and other accessories not made of gold or platinum must be stored separately.

The metals used in the manufacture of jewelry can be detrimental to the condition of silver. Silver is extremely susceptible to acids, and even if it comes into contact with gold, it can darken or change color.

Therefore, we store silver, jewelry, watches and gold separately.

They can be kept in one box, only in separate bags.

Opals should be stored separately. At the same time, such accessories should be placed in a bag with a damp cotton swab or sponge. This will preserve the mineral and prevent it from «drying out».

You can not store jewelry in an open box, especially in front of a mirror that you often use.

The vapors of your perfume, if they come into contact with the product, can ruin the pearls or start the process of separating the oxide from the silver.

Rings and pendants encrusted with precious stones should be stored separately. It is advisable for them to allocate a separate box with special slots, where the jewelry will be securely fixed and will not scratch each other. Storing them in a common box may cause the bartacks to loosen, minerals to fall out, or excessive scratching.

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