What jewelry sellers who want to sell you rings made of platinum or white gold will definitely keep silent about.

The task of a salesperson in a jewelry store is not only to properly present the product and help the client in choosing a good accessory, but also to skillfully keep silent about the disadvantages that a buyer may encounter when buying, for example, a platinum ring.

Whatever salon of jewelry made of precious metals you go to, you will always be told about the best and positive features of certain accessories, and will never be explained about their inherent disadvantages. And there may not be many of them.

Take, for example, rings made of high-grade platinum or titanium. Now they are at the peak of their popularity both in Russia and Europe. Outwardly, such jewelry can be very attractive and, due to its unique color, perfectly harmonizes with such precious stones as diamond (diamond), rock crystal, jade and even pearls.

However, platinum rings also have their drawbacks, which everyone who chooses jewelry should be aware of.

Platinum is a very hard and expensive precious metal. It perfectly resists aggressive acids, practically does not bend and is very resistant to rough physical influences. It is difficult to scratch and very difficult to cut.

And this is one of the main disadvantages of platinum and titanium rings. It is problematic to roll them out to change the size, if, for example, your wedding ring is not enough for you. They are difficult to solder and almost impossible to remove if the ring has «grown» into the finger.

Completely different disadvantages are inherent in white gold jewelry .

This metal color can be obtained in two ways. The first of these is the addition of special “additives” to gold (metals or alloys that change the color of gold), and the second is the application of a thin layer of zinc to gold or by means of ring rhodium plating.

When the precious metal is completely «painted» there is nothing wrong with that. It is easy for jewelers to work with it, and the alloy itself shows itself as one of the most reliable and plastic. These products look very attractive and truly bewitching.

However, if the gold is rhodium-plated, then certain problems may arise with this. When changing the size of such a ring, micro cracks may appear on its surface due to heating and “rolling out” of the ring. In the future, these cracks will develop into craters, and the rhodium plating will begin to flake off and peel off over time.

Fortunately, there are ways to offset the disadvantages of white gold and platinum rings. In order for the rhodium plating to last for a long time, the jewelry should be cleaned with special products and treated with jewelry creams in time.

In general, white gold and platinum jewelry looks much more beautiful than many jewelry made from other metals. They have good reliability and are definitely worth having one of these items in your collection, for example with a small diamond or cubic zirconia.

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