What to do if you are traveling with jewelry.

If you are going on a trip, be sure to take a photo of all the jewelry that you take with you. This will help prove that the items are yours if, for example, they were lost and then found by the police. In addition, it will also facilitate the procedure for passing through customs control. It often happens that when you leave the country, the customs considers your products as purchased in their territory and may require payment of tax.

On international flights, do not put gold accessories in the general luggage. It is better to keep expensive products with you, as hotel luggage is often lost, opened, or does not reach its destination at all.

Don’t forget to put gold and other valuable items in the safe if you leave the inn.

If you are planning an active holiday, do not use jewelry with large inserts or elements that, for example, can catch on clothes and tear.

Before leaving, always check the locks on bracelets, chains and earrings. If you wear beads with pearls, check the condition of the cord on which the beads are attached. A reliable cord when worn does not create a knock between the pearl beads. If there is a knock, then the thread is stretched and it is time to replace it, as it will soon break.

If possible, before leaving for a long business trip or vacation, insure the most expensive of the products. Also, a complete list of all the products that you take with you, compiled on paper, will not hurt.

Be attentive to your accessories and they will repay you with beauty and long years of service.

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