Why does your clock skip a second.

Often, people who have bought a wrist watch turn to the master with a request to find out why the second hand of their accessory moves only once every two seconds .

That is, in a constant interval, it skips one second and takes a longer step. Instead of the standard 60 steps, the second hand makes only 30 steps per minute. At the same time, the clock shows the correct time and does not lag behind.

This happens not with every model of accessories and only in watches with a quartz movement. Mechanical watches or self-winding men’s accessories do not have this problem.

Under warranty, the refund or exchange of an accessory purchased in a specialized store or a jewelry store is not carried out, because the watch performs its main function — it accurately shows the time.

The watchmakers involved in the repair of watches have already understood what the matter is, however, for a simple user, this question is still open.

Well, let’s try to figure out why your clock skips a second and only ticks once every two seconds.

Look at the second hand of your watch. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wristwatch, a Chinese house-shaped AA-powered alarm clock, a wall clock, or another accessory that tells the time.

If the minute hand only moves every two seconds, then it’s time to take some action on your accessory.

Also, this means that your watch is of very good quality and the manufacturer took care not only that the product on a single charge worked as long as possible, but also the user could find out in time when it was time for him to change the battery on the watch.

Many high-quality watches are equipped with a special battery saving system when it comes to its full discharge. At this moment, in order to save energy, the second hand changes the interval of movement, skipping one second.

This allows you to extend the life of the battery and inform the user in time that it is time for him to go to the workshop to replace it.

So, you should not be afraid of this, the main thing is to notice failures in the course of the second hand in time.

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