First it faded, then it came back.

Ring with fading yellow sapphire. Ring with fading yellow sapphire.

Sapphire can fade and this is not news to many. At the same time, depending on the behavior of his mistress, he can restore his color, which, unfortunately, is not known to everyone.

Many legends and folk beliefs are associated with such a unique property of the gemstone, the most popular of which say that the sapphire loses its color at the moment when the owner begins to experience negative feelings for himself or he simply has a bad mood or depression. Also, folk wisdom says that a sapphire becomes discolored if any negative actions are taken against its owner.

But these are all popular beliefs, but what does science say about the discoloration of sapphire?

The natural properties of sapphire can be compared to plant life. If you put them in a dark place without light sources, they will eventually lose their color and wither.

If you put the flower on the window, closer to the sun’s rays and give it good watering, it will quickly bloom and regain its former colors.

So it is with sapphire. It is like domestic flowers, it is saturated with light and gives this light to its owner.

This is how the color of sapphire changes depending on exposure to sunlight. This is how the color of sapphire changes depending on exposure to sunlight.

At the same time, not all sapphires have properties to change color. The most pronounced discoloration tendencies are observed in yellow and caral agates.

This is due to their unique composition, which at the molecular level is able to be saturated with solar light rays and give them to their owner.

Scientifically, it sounds like this: with a constant stream of light, sapphire electrons move from a passive to a more active state, which affects the length of the light waves emitted by them. By releasing huge streams of energy, when moving, light is created, which is visible to a person. So the sapphire becomes brighter and more saturated.

Why do sapphires discolor in housewives with a bad mood? Everything is simple. When we are in a bad mood, we have no desire to go anywhere or put on our jewelry. We put them wooden boxes down and put them on only after the storm has died down

As you understand, sunlight cannot fall on a sapphire lying in a box. From this, the pebble begins to fade. And when a good mood returns to the hostess and she puts on all her best jewelry, the sapphire again sees the sun, from which it is saturated with rays.

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