How to understand by jewelry that a girl is “mymra”.

Psychologists have long learned to determine the character of a person by what things he wears, what perfume he uses and what jewelry he prefers to wear.

It will not be difficult for an experienced specialist to put together a psychological portrait of a stranger by his jewelry, wardrobe color, or accessories that he uses, even if he sees this person for the first time.

This happens for the reason that people with certain character traits tend to choose only certain things, colors and styles, thereby revealing their nature.

So, for example, self-confident, respectable and business women prefer jewelry with black diamonds, agate and black pearls. This color is considered to be synonymous with reliability and high moral principles of a person. They are loved by women who have achieved a certain status in society and occupy high, respectable positions.

At the same time, if such colors are used in clothes, then this principle of character determination may not work, because girls can choose dark tones only for the reason that they visually make their figure more slender and attractive.

Gold accessories, for example, with a red ruby ​​or other inserts of this color, are worn by persons with pronounced leadership qualities. At the same time, the more massive and sharper the shape of the piece of jewelry, the stronger and more assertive the character of its owner will be. Such girls always know what they are doing and have unbroken fortitude, although sometimes they cry into the pillow at night. But only if they know that no one sees them.

About women who prefer miniature gold rings, small earrings and other jewelry with round-shaped inserts, the Swiss psychologist Luscher speaks of harmless, but quite active persons seeking protection and a kind of shelter.

A lot has also been said about the jewelry accessories that are worn, sorry for the French — “mymry”.

The thing is that women buy jewelry based on their craving for beauty. They wear colorful rings, mesmerizing pendants and amazing necklaces with the sole purpose of looking more beautiful! And this means that even in theory, a person striving for beauty cannot be “mymra”. Girls with any jewelry are always thin and very sensitive natures, even if sometimes they do not show it openly.

The absence of gold jewelry or precious metals with precious stones inlays only says that you, as a man, just need to give this lady a modest jewelry gift and nothing more.

PS : love and appreciate your women, no matter what gems or rings they wear.

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