Jewels of Stalin about which it is not customary to talk.

In public, Stalin always looked quite modest and neat. He did not wear defiant suits and catchy jewelry, and also always had the image of the most restrained and conservative leader.

However, like many members of the Soviet elite, he had his favorite accessories that were not allowed to be shown to the public and which were carefully hidden from the annoying cameras of local and foreign journalists.

He also preferred quality items, appreciated products made of precious metals and had his own vision of what accessories the head of a large state should have.

There were also items made of precious metals and other attributes in his collection, some of which everyone could see, while others were diligently hidden under a thick tunic.

The character of the leader of a bygone era was endowed with a special asceticism, a striking feature of which was the utmost abstinence in satisfying needs and the rejection of worldly goods in the name of moral principles and ideals.

Therefore, all the accessories and jewelry that Stalin wore were more practical and ideological in nature than acted as jewelry.

Accessories that Stalin did not hide, and could be seen during his speeches, were also endowed with a certain ideological meaning.

So, for example, the leader was very fond of decorating his tunic with the Golden Star award (the medal is the star of the Hero of Socialist Labor).

Star of the Hero of Socialist Labor Star of the Hero of Socialist Labor

This award was made from high-quality jewelry gold (950 samples). Its weight was about 15.2 grams of precious metal, and it was possible to receive a medal only for high labor merits.

The leader’s pocket watch was also made of silver.

Since Stalin was a patriot, his watches were of domestic origin. According to sources, he did not wear wristwatches, but Bure’s silver pocket watch came to his liking (after the revolution of 1917, the founder of the Bure watch brand migrated to Switzerland, but the leader did not refuse the watch).

An example of a common Bure pocket watch An example of a common Bure pocket watch

Stalin also had men’s accessories, which he carefully concealed from prying eyes.

One of them was a pectoral cross donated by the godfather.

The cross was worn on a thin thread, and there was no question of any gold or silver chains.

The metal from which the jewelry was made (if you can call it that) was also not precious.

According to open sources, the cross was made of ordinary brass and did not represent much financial value.

Hiding under the tunic of Stalin and something else.

According to open sources, a special chain was sewn into the leader’s tunic, at the end of which there was a special-purpose ring.

On this ring, Stalin hung his personal pistol, which he took with him every time he attended any open events or meetings.

Upon arrival home, the weapon was unfastened and hidden in the safe.

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