Why silver can sharply blacken on the body and what it says to the owner.

If you ask our old people why the silver chain turned black. Most of them will confidently answer that this is due to some new disease in the body. They will say that it is in this magical way that the precious metal reacts to an ailment and signals this to its owner.

Also, many owners of silver products or, for example, cutlery made of this precious metal, are convinced and convince others that silver purifies water, kills bacteria and has the most beneficial effect on human well-being.

However, what blackening on silver can mean in reality and whether it is true that if the silver has darkened, then the person is not healthy, none of them is ready to explain.

darkened silver darkened silver

That silver has disinfecting properties is a well-known fact that has a simple scientific justification. Positively charged silver ions interact with cell receptors of fungi and almost all types of bacteria. A side effect of this interaction is the complete destruction of the structure of bacterial and fungal cells and, as a result, their death. That is why filters for drinking water purification almost always contain silver.

At the same time, few are reliably known about what happens to silver when a person is sick and whether its darkening is a sign of illness. Most are convinced that this is due to some magical properties of the metal and its divine origin.

An interesting fact: silver rings and earrings turn black less often than chains and bracelets. An interesting fact: silver rings and earrings turn black less often than chains and bracelets.

In fact, everything is much simpler and silver can darken for various reasons, including due to many factors not related to the condition of the owner of silver jewelry.

Silver darkens due to the reaction that occurs when the metal comes into contact with hydrogen sulfide, ozone and sulfur. This can happen if the jewelry, for example, is exposed to a humid outdoor environment for too long. There is a large amount of hydrogen sulfide in the air, and it can cause premature darkening of the metal.

The same reaction occurs when silver comes into contact with human sweat, which also contains sulfur. Those. the more often a person sweats, the stronger his silver chain will blacken and this will have nothing to do with health.

However, there are also cases when the blackening of silver can really become a kind of reaction to the appearance of ailments.

What problems can blackened silver indicate? First of all, about those whose symptoms are profuse sweating. For example, problems with the lungs or liver. The more the silver jewelry comes into contact with sweat, which contains sulfur, which provokes the appearance of sulfide, the faster the precious metal will blacken.

If the silver chain has darkened, the main thing that this should tell the owner of the jewelry is that the product needs to be cleaned.

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